When my friend left after a week, I moved into another AirBnB to start my two week stay as a lone traveler. It's amazing what happens when you are confronted with being alone. 

I am an extreme introvert who has somehow learned to survive in an extrovert world (some say to a point where I seem extroverted) so I was a bit excited for it but also terrified. Being alone in your apartment and an environment in which you know is easy but being abroad in someone else's space was intriguingly something else. 

I remembered this clip from Louis C.K. (who I adore for a multitude of reasons) and I feel as though he described so perfectly what happens when you let yourself feel that moment of being completely alone and allowing sadness to come and engulf you. Watch it and make sure you get to 3:30.

And then it happened.

I felt grounded, human, and more real when it hit. It was as though I got myself back after the years of being drowned in so many things, conversations, activities, deadlines, etc. - all of which I love and treasure but this was leaps and bounds better than Shavasana.

So, yes. It's lonely. But, oh so good.

Here is a photo of my take away food from Letz Sushi (their photography is a visual feast in and of its own). The take-out packaging was impressive - I think particularly because of the bag which was reminiscent of shopping bags. Imagine if all of our take-out or delivery was thoughtfully packaged. I think our dining experiences in these contexts would be more pleasant and enjoyable, no?

Service Experience Notes: Taking food to go or getting food delivered doesn't need to feel like such a 'eat to live' experience. If restaurants took the time to make the act of taking away food an extension of their business, my gut says that they would have more loyal customers. At the end of the day, the food needs to be great - remember, content is king, but this could be another example of where form could follow function.

It was delicious. But not better than LA :)