Danish Food

After the girls from Alhambra & Sons fed me lunch and taught me what Danish food consists of on a daily basis, I started going to the grocery store to try and put this together for myself. 

I've heard various opinions about the heavy bread that is oh so rich in flavor and color but I have to say that I am a huge fan. I enjoy how much flavor it has and how filling even one slice can be. 

I bought this loaf from Meyers Bageri which is a fantastic bakery that has lots of sweet delicious treats as well.

There are so many ways to eat this bread but the main toppings consisted of some sort of meat (usually some kind of ham and baconish sort of thing), cheese, and a side treat such as that of a boiled egg displayed below.

This was my favorite kind of meat option. Smoked ham but one that sided on the pork belly side.

While at the grocery store, I asked a local Dane to suggest a Pâté for me. I'm not a very adventurous person when it comes to different meats but I was determined to try something different and to stretch my food palette. "I really must get over my fear of strange, unknown delicacies from other countries," is what runs through my head time and time again. I've been better the last few years but I still have a long way to go.

This pâté is the most traditional kind in Denmark (or so said the lady who suggested it for me). I wish I liked it but the color was a bit gray and the texture was strange... 

UX notes: Although form follows function, form must be held in the same regard as function. Many times, form gets the shorter end of the stick and many proclaim, "As long as it works, it doesn't have to be pretty." I urge you to reconsider the word, 'pretty,' and to consider how visual attributes can aid in uplifting the function of whatever you are designing. For example, if this pâté had not been gray, I may have not been immediately turned off to it.

My favorite thing, by far, are the donut peaches that are everywhere right now. These little guys are so sweet and so easy to eat. When you eat a regular peach, sometimes the juice can get onto the sides of your mouth when you bite into it but these - not so. It's almost as if nature realized that our mouths and culture were evolving and decided to shrink down for us. Just a thought but hey, a plausible theory, no?