Hi, there! It's me again. After 3 years.

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So… I really dropped the ball there. But, what’s the use in looking back?! I’ve got updates.

In the past 3 years since returning to work from my sabbatical, I’ve done a lot. I’ll list them off for you (as chronologically as I can) so you can catch up.

  1. I started the workforce as a Design Director for a company called DevMynd

  2. I continued to teach Letterpress 1: Metal and Wood Type classes as Spudnik Press

  3. I got a new bike. It’s a Linus.

  4. I was an AIGA mentor and was proud of my mentees who all were able to achieve their goals within the 12 weeks they were on a journey with me

  5. I’ve been experimenting with a lot of process operations between design and development at my new gig

  6. Cut off all my blonde hair

  7. Traveled to Iceland

  8. Went through a lot of drama at work

  9. Had the privilege of speaking at a few events about things that I am passionate about

  10. Became the Head of Design of my department #yass #boss

  11. Lost 2 dear friends who were very close to me

  12. Really tried to move abroad when Trump was elected

  13. Traveled to Italy, Japan, and Korea

  14. Struggled a lot while learning so much about managing, directing, and collaborating with my colleagues and employees

  15. Re-dyed my hair blonde

  16. Stayed strong through #14

  17. Won some design awards

  18. Help rebrand and change the name of our company from DevMynd to Tandem

  19. Watched all of the “Great British Bake Off” and started to bake (whoa.)

  20. Went through a 6 month training to receive my yoga teacher certification


Now that you’re caught up, let the writing begin!